Many people enjoy a game of poker at the weekend as it is a good way of relaxing. Changing shift patterns and demands on social time means that the weekend may not be as leisurely as it used to be for many people but it still represents the best opportunity to forget about work and socialise with others. This means that the weekend can be a great time to arrange a poker evening with friends but you will need to get some things in order first. Drinks and nibbles are good to offer people but cards and chips are essential for poker players.

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BestPoker are currently running a promotion which could see you walking away with a new set of chips, merely for playing for poker. The online promotion is up for grabs at the weekend so if you have some time to enjoy online poker at the weekend, you may be able to win part of what you need for when you play with friends.

The Quad’s Weekend promotion runs from 00:00 CET on the Saturday morning all the way through to 23:59 CET on Sunday night so there is plenty of time to get involved. If you manage to get a 4 of a kind Kings or Aces hand, all you have to do is email the support contact at the site and a set of poker chips will be winging their way to you.

If you are playing online poker anyway, this is just something extra on top of things to make the game a little bit sweeter. If you hold a 4 of a kind Kings or Aces hand there is a very good chance you will win the hand anyway, so you can consider this a bonus.

To be eligible for the promotion, the hand must contain both of the hole cards and the hand must be held in a Texas Hold'em game that is being played for money. This may narrow down the possibilities of winning the chip set but with Texas Hold'em being amongst the most popular of poker games online, there is every chance players will be eligible for this promotion.

If you do not have the time to socialise with friends at the weekend, head online to BestPoker and see if you can pick up a winning hand. If you do, it may make organising a big poker night with your friends a little bit easier to do!

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