MT3 Titan Poker
MT3 Titan Poker

It is not as if most poker players need any further encouragement to play more games of poker is it? The majority of poker fans are straight online or into a casino the first opportunity they have any spare time or disposable income to enjoy a few games. The opportunity to win more money is always of benefit but the excitement and thrill that comes from playing can also be an exciting aspect of the play.

Titan Poker understands the excitement of the play and their new MT3 promotion encourages poker players to make the most of their poker playing time. The title is derived from MT cubed, standing for Multi-Tables, Multi-Tournaments and Multi-Tilts. In short, the more you play and the more you play well, the greater chance you have of walking away with a big share of the total $150,000 prize pool.

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In addition to this, the top 20 ranked players at the end of the contest will receive a $5,000 WSOP Experience package. If you are going to be playing a lot of poker anyway, you would be as well playing it on a site that gives you an added incentive to play.

When calculating the leader board scores for each month, only the best 20 results of each player is counted. This means if you crash out early in a tournament, all is not lost. If you are playing a regular amount of games and tournaments, as long as you can keep a consistently high return on your remaining games, you should be able to squeeze out one or two bad performances.

The competition is on now but runs until the 31st of May so there is plenty of time to get into the swing of things and rocket up that leader board. The top prize is always worth aiming for but with the top 20 players walking away with something of great interest, there is a good incentive to get involved with this promotion.

There are prizes up for grabs each month with the top scoring player on the monthly leader board picking up $1,500 and a $2,500 freeroll entry, so even if you miss out on a month’s play and think the overall placing is beyond you, it can be worth playing the other months to pick up an individual award. If you need any further encouragement to play poker on a regular basis, Titan Poker have given you a rather good one with their MT3 promotion.

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