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Titan Poker heard our pleas and listened to our demands and brought back the ECOOP, the European Championship of Online Poker - or in other words the biggest online poker tournament.

The ECOOP VI is now even bigger than ever before, the prize pool by now exceeds 5 million dollars. To be more exact, we are talking about a prize pool of $5,100,000 guaranteed. This 14 day long poker feast will start on May the 24th. Back in 2007 when the first ECOOP was being held the tournament lasted 10 days and had a prize pool of $2.5 millions.

Not only was Titan Poker able to more than double the prize money by now, extend the schedule and add more events, they also introduce the Quadric for the first time. The Quadric is an event that lets you participate at 4 tournaments at the same time and earn your share of the $100,000 that are up for grabs.

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Another new feature will be the so called Mini ECOOP VI that is open to all players and starts on May 14th and goes on until May 23rd. Consider it a warm-up for the big ECOOP VI on Titan Poker.

Qualifying tournaments are already being held 24/7, so if you prefer to not pay the direct buy-in to any of the events you should head to Titan Poker as soon as possible and make sure to play in the satellites and qualifiers for the biggest ECOOP ever!

In case you don't have a Titan Poker account yet, make sure to make use of our special Titan Poker Bonus with enhanced money rewards for you as well as the popular Titan Poker Calculator for free! The calculator will help you enhance your poker game and can well mean the difference between qualifying for an ECOOP VI event or having to pay the buy-in instead in order to compete.

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