As of today, we're offering an enhanced deal to all players who choose to sign-up at Titan Poker through one of our links and make use of bonus code MPB150 when making their initial deposit.

You will now get the official Titan Poker Calculator for free (regularly advertised for $89.95), in addition to our already better than average Titan Poker Bonus of 150% up to $100. Technically spoken you'll get three deals in one. Three? Yes three! You will be able to play with a superb poker bonus and benefit from playing with the Titan Poker Calculator, as well as making additional profit because of the free poker calculator!

Once downloaded and installed, the Titan Poker Calculator will automatically attach itself when you open up a poker table. It will instantly show you all odds and probabilities plus extra game information that may help to improve your game.

In a nutshell, Titan Poker Calculator displays a lot of information (numbers and percentages), which should help you to execute an action, e.g. make a choice to fold, check, call, bet or raise a hand. These numbers are based on your active table and contain your odds and outs. Pre flop, you will get advice on what you should do, based on your position, your hole cards and of course the pot size. Post flop, you will get the exact calling odds. Calling up to this amount will always be profitable in the long term.

Deck Card Probability
The probability for a card to be dealt that improves your hand on the flop, turn and river.

You versus Best
Your probability to reach up to a certain hand (pair, two pair, trips, straight, etc.) versus the strongest player's probability.

Rival Catch
The probability that one of your opponents holds a specific hole card. Pre flop, as well as post flop based on the community cards.

Game Info
The numbers of opponents in the hand, as well as the total number of hands on the active table. It also shows your strongest hand combination.

  • You must enable "Player actions" in the table's "Chat options" for Titan Poker Calculator to work properly.
  • It's advisory to use a "four colour deck" and enable the "show folded cards option. Both of these settings can be adjusted after clicking the options button on the table.
  • Make sure you set the proper strategies, for limit, no-limit and pot-limit - but also for tournaments and heads-up situations.
  • All windows contain a small question mark. Click on it to read help for a specific window.
  • Titan Poker Calculator comes with a comprehensive support manual. It is in your personal benefit to read it and understand everything there is to know about Titan Poker's calculator before you actually start playing.

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