Titan Poker recently announced the results of Team Titan, an exclusive group of highly talented poker players sponsored by the world renowned poker portal. Team Titan has seven players in its group and will be led by the well known Canadian poker star, Sorel Mizzi who has made the news several times for his poker wins.

Team Titan Sorel Mizzi
Captain Sorel Mizzi

Sorel Mizzi will serve as the captain of the poker team and Team Titan will be under contract to the site for a twelve-month duration, for which period of time Mizzi will be leading. Titan Poker has carefully selected these 7 talented individuals to be a part of Team Titan and will be sponsoring their participation in various championship events.

Titan Poker has managed to secure many reputable poker players, several of whom have already made thousands of dollars in wins either in land based casinos or online casinos and have managed to catch the eye of the media as well.

The seven players chosen from different parts of Europe to be part of Titan Poker’s team are as follows:

  1. Sorel Mizzi - Canada
  2. Marvin Rettenmaier - Germany
  3. Jonas Klausen - Denmark
  4. Yann Brosolo - France
  5. Florian Desgouttes - France
  6. Sam Trickett - England
  7. Joel Benzinou - Belgium

With the exception of Mizzi, all the other poker players are from Europe. Mizzi had been chosen by Titan Poker to lead the team on account of his experience and extensive record of poker wins.

Mizzi is also known for his good poker skills and strategy which people have seen in action whenever the player has been in a tournament. Although, only 24 years old, Mizzi has been playing poker for a long time and knows the tricks of the game.

Mizzi has recorded poker earnings of over $2.7 million, and of this sum, he has managed to take in over $1,100,000 in poker earnings in the first few months of this year, proving to the world his skill at poker.

Another player on the team who needs to be watched is Jonas Klausen, a poker champion from Denmark, who has won about $841,083 by playing poker. Klausen is one of those poker players who opt to play both online and offline and are capable of excelling at both.

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