Have you ever wondered about how many poker hands you have played in your life? If you are a regular player who has been hitting the poker table for many years, it is likely to be a huge amount. These hands will hold so many memories and the great wins and narrow losses are a large part of what poker is all about. The PokerKings website knows the importance of remembering hands and the countdown for their 2,500,000,000th hand is underway. Yes, it won’t be long until the 2.5 billion hand on the website is played and the website wants to celebrate.

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The countdown to the event begins when hand number 2,470,000,000 is played and there is a prize up for grabs when the hand count reaches this level. All of the cash tables are eligible to be involved in this prize, even the lowest cash tables on the site, so everyone should feel as though they have the opportunity to get involved with the celebrations.

The level of the prize will be relevant to the cash table but a prize is still a prize. For example, anyone playing at the 50c / 1 euro table when the first landmark hand is played, the hand holder immediately wins 1,000 euros and the winnings picked up during the hand. The remainder of the players at the table will share 1,000 euros between them. This means that even if you just miss out on the landmark hand, you may get a prize for just being close to it and you cant say fairer than that!

The real prize will be for the 2.5 billionth hand though and the lucky recipient of this hand is likely to pick up 25,000 euros. This would be enough to make anyone envious but the fact that the rest of the players around the table will get to share in a further 25,000 euros should ensure that the green eyed monster does not become too big at the table.

To ensure that everyone keeps their eyes on the prize, a big countdown ticker will appear on the website after the 2,470,000,000 hand is played to make sure that all poker players are kept up to date with the progress of play. As the ticker pushes on to the magic number, you can expect to see some tactical playing from many players on site. There is likely to be a lot of holding off and then a mad dash to play in the hope of being the lucky recipient!

This is quite an innovative promotion from PokerKings and one that is likely to create quite a buzz around the site. Even if you do not regularly use this site, dropping in at the right time could see you smiling for just one hand.

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