PokerKings Bonus Code

PokerKings Bonus Code

Use Best Poker Bonuses' special PokerKings bonus offer for maximum profit when playing online poker!

PokerKings offers new players a regular first deposit bonus of 100% up to €300. While this poker bonus is decent enough, we have managed to secure you a special Max Poker Bonus deal with PokerKings.

If you sign up through one of our links you will be able to secure a 200% bonus up to €300. In other words you will receive twice the bonus compared to a regular new player up to €300! You can claim that improved PokerKings bonus by clicking on the Download PokerKings button on the right hand side.

Don't let the 100% bonus that is advertised on the landing page fool you. When using our link you will receive the 200% bonus that we have been guaranteed from our partners at PokerKings.

PokerKings regularly comes up with reload bonus offers for their existing players that are announced via e-mail.

The bonus must be cleared within 90 days of your deposit. It is cleared in steps of €5, any remaining bonus that has not been cleared after these 90 days will expire. An incremental bonus like this is always a good idea for new poker players. We found that a lot of players new to the game are having a hard time estimating how much they will be able to play over a certain period of time. With a lump sum deal which forces you to clear the whole bonus before a specific deadline or lose all of it you may well find yourself under a lot of pressure. PokerKings however allows you to play at your own pace and clear the bonus in very small increments.

You will need 100 FPPs (Frequent Player Points) in order to clear €5 of your bonus. That equals a rake of €25 per €5 bonus. In order to clear the possible maximum bonus of €300 this would amount to a total of 6,000 FPPs. You can earn Frequent Player Points by generating rake in cash games (1 FPP per €0.25 of rake) and by participating in tournaments (4 FPPs per € of tournament fee - for a €20+2 tournament the fee is €2 which equals 8FPPs).

You will receive the FPPs after the end of a session. So if you played in a cash game and managed to participate in hands that earned a total rake of €12.75 - €12.99 you will get 51 FPPs when leaving the table. Why don't you get your FPPs after each hand? Well, if you did you would miss out on quite a few FPPs in your sessions. How so?

Let's look at an example: You are new to poker, you play at very low limits. You have played 10 hands and have managed to rake €0.45 in each hand. If you got paid for each hand individually you would end up with 10 FPPs (1 FPP per €0.25, so 1 FPP for each €0.45 rake). However PokerKings will wait until you get up from that table and count the whole rake of this session which equals €4.50. Thus you will be rewarded with 18 FPPs instead.

To be honest this sounds very fair to us.

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PokerKings is a booming poker room which scores with an abundance of promotions as well as good support. Multilingual services as well as the possibility to choose between various currencies, including Euros, are a welcome additional extra. Sign-up through Max Poker Bonus now and benefit from our exclusive double bonus (200% up to €300) on your first deposit.