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Launched in 2005, Everest Poker is a globally appealing online poker room that has attracted players from just about every corner of the globe (no US players). With 16 languages and multiple currencies to deposit and play in, Everest Poker has built a massive player base on the Everest Poker Network. Add to these offerings a series of valuable promotions, like the exclusive Live the Dream promo, and you’ve got a superior online poker room.

Everest Poker’s Live the Dream promotion is giving 200 members the chance to travel the world, playing the biggest live poker events around the world, competing against the fiercest competitors in the professional poker circuit. 200 players will qualify, but only 10 will celebrate the ultimate prize – a one year, $100k Everest Poker live event sponsorship.

Interested? Thought so! The next step is to learn how to become one of the 200 qualifying players competing for the top 10 positions.

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One way to qualify for the Everest Poker Live the Dream promotion is to play tournaments. You will first need to opt into the Live the Dream tournament leaderboards. Then play tournaments and climb the leaderboard ladder. Each week, the top 5 players will win a seat in the Live the Dream grand finals. The top 5 qualifiers will be chosen as follows: The top 3 MTT leaderboard players, and the top 2 SNG leaderboard players.

Another way to qualify for the Everest Poker Live the Dream promo is to play cash games. When playing cash games, you’ll earn Summit Points. There are weekly “Summit Point Races”, where the top 5 earners for each week will qualify. There are also “Cash Bets Won Races” for Texas Hold’em ring game players. The top 5 players with the highest win rate will qualify. Cash Bet Won Races will qualify the top 3 NL Hold’em players, and the top 2 FL Hold’em players for that week’s play.

When all is said and done, tournaments and ring games will qualify a total of 96 players for the Everest Poker Live the Dream casting. That leaves 104 players who can still qualify via direct entry.

Direct entry to the Live the Dream casting competition is $100+$9.

Direct entry tournaments will run for a total of 8 weeks. For the first four weeks, Everest Poker will be hosting country-specific Live the Dream tournaments, giving players up to 4 opportunities to qualify. The last 4 weeks will offer weekly tournaments open to all players at the online poker room. The top 5 players from each tournament will win their place in the Live the Dream casting.

With the 200 qualifiers named, they will meet up with the Everest Poker crew in Vienna on January 8, 2010. Registration and reception will take place on this day, splitting the group of 200 into two smaller groups of 100.

On Saturday, the first group will compete in cash games while one by one, their names are called. When summoned, that player will head backstage for a 5-minute interview. This interview is extremely important. Each will be reviewed by the judges before the final, top 10 selection is made.

As the first group is being interviewed and participating in cash games, the second group will be playing Sit&Go tournaments. When the first group’s interviews are complete, a short lunch break will occur, followed by role switching. The second group now takes the interview stage, playing cash games while the first group hits the SNG tables.

On Sunday, the judges will reveal the top 20 players chosen to move on. Of these, half will win the Everest Poker Live the Dream contest. These 20 players will undergo further interviewing, this time lasting 20 minutes per player, and meet with representatives of Everest Poker. When completed, the poker room staff and judges will deliberate, narrowing the field to the final 10 winners.

Dinner will be served, followed by an award ceremony where the 10 Everest Poker Live the Dream winners will be announced. A press conference will immediately following the ceremony to introduce the new Everest Poker live event sponsored players.

Everest Poker’s Live the Dream promotion is an amazing opportunity for serious poker players, but if you’re not ready for this kind of attention, don’t bother competing. There are plenty of hard core poker players out there who have dreamt of such an opportunity their entire lives. If you’re one of them, there is no reason not to grab the bull by the horns and give it your best.

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