Shootouts and Bounty Tournaments at Aced Poker are some of the most popular tourneys at the online poker room. These tournaments are played a bit differently than the usual freezeouts and re-buys; one reason many online poker players haven’t given them a try.

If you’ve never played an Aced Poker Shootout or Bounty Tournament, you don’t know what you’re missing. Shootouts are like multi-table sit’n’gos with specific rules of table consolidation. Bounty tournaments give players the chance to earn big cash from the very start of the tourney, whether they finish in the prize bubble or not.

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As we said, Aced Poker Shootout Tournaments are like large sit’n’go events. There are 10 players to every table, each starting with the same number of chips. The amount of players starting the tournament will determine how the tables get consolidated later on, but only the top players remaining will move on. Tables continue to consolidate until a final table is formed, at which time they battle it out for 1st place.

Let’s try an example to show exactly how Aced Poker Shootouts work.

We’ll say the Shootout offers 100 seats. There will be 10 tables, each seating 10 players. In this case, the last three tables remaining at each table will be moved to 3 tables, with 10 players each. The tournament continues in normal fashion until once more, three players remain at each table. These last 9 players will converge on the final table.

Aced Poker Shootout Tournaments are an exhilarating alternative from the everyday MTTs and SNGs. The online poker room offers Shootouts in a wide range of buy-ins to suit all bankroll sizes.

One of the most electrifying moments in any poker game is that all-in push that will force an opponent to fold or risk it all. Eliminating opponents from the table is an awesome feeling to begin with – but what if you got paid every time you did it? That’s exactly what Aced Poker Bounty Tournaments involve.

Bounty tournaments have a three-part entry fee, the buy-in, the bounty and the fee. Where you might expect to see a $20+$2 tourney, it may instead be a $25+$2 bounty tourney. That extra $5 you’re paying is the bounty on your head. If you get eliminated, the player responsible for your elimination pockets your bounty.

What this means is that players must no longer aim for a decent finish in the prize bubble in order to make profit. With Aced Poker Bounty Tournaments, the goal is to eliminate as many players as possible before getting ousted yourself.

Aced Poker Bounty Tournaments offer prize pools of 10% and up. The lower the prize pool, the higher each player’s bounty is, and the more worthwhile those eliminations become. So much for folding repeatedly to make the bubble – bounty tournaments require a whole new poker strategy. Pin-point the weak, push all-in, swipe the bounty from their head. Now that’s a poker game!

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