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Those among you who are dedicated and serious poker players will very likely keep a close eye on the various loyalty programmes offered by the poker rooms. You may recall that Titan Poker already simplified and improved their VIP programme in January. The improvements have been met with much praise from the players and Titan Poker in turn decided to improve the programme yet once again half a year later.

Since July 1st Club Titan has become even more beginner-friendly and also manages to reward their dedicated and advanced players even more. But how so? For starters the limit that is needed to advance to the second VIP Level has been lowered from 2,000 to 1,000 points which will be a welcome change for new players. A beginner will now be able to benefit from the advantages of a higher VIP Level much easier and sooner.

At the same time the rewards for advancing in VIP Levels have been improved. The VIP Level Point Boost for VIP Level Silver (1,000 - 4,999 points) has been doubled to 20% instead of the previous 10% which means that at the end of the month each VIP Level Silver player will automatically be rewarded with those additional Club Titan Points. Those of us who manage to reach VIP Level Diamond (35,000 Club Titan Points) - admittedly not an easy task - will even be gifted with a staggering 120% of our points at the end of the month.

But even the average players among us will profit from the improved VIP Level Point Boost as it has been raised at all VIP Levels throughout. So don't worry too much about having to gain lots and lots of points in order to profit from the new and better Club Titan. This means that while every player will receive the same amount of points for the same amount of play in the end dedicated players will be rewarded extra at the end of each month through the point boosts.

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All your Titan Club Points can be used to purchase merchandise in the Club Titan Shop, for buy-ins or in exchange for cash. When opting for the cash keep in mind that the more points you use the better the exchange rate. For example using 20,000 points would give you $150 while 80,000 points won't bring you $600 but $800 instead. Cash rewards can be earned for as little as 2,000 points. Titan Poker can rightfully claim to have the world's most rewarding online poker VIP Club.

Titan Poker allows you to quickly assess how many Club Titan Points you are likely to gather with your preferred games and time spent playing. Simply use the Points Calculator on Titan Poker website and you will see how many points you are estimated to earn in the course of 12 months as well as when you will be able to use your points for cash rewards. Of course it is only an estimation but nonetheless should give you a good clue. You can also alter some factors (for example the amount of tables you play at) and watch the graph change accordingly which lets you get a better feel for how this affects your points.

If you do not have a player account at Titan Poker yet you will be pleased to hear that Max Poker Bonus is able to offer you a special Titan Poker Bonus. If you sign up at Titan Poker through our site you will receive 150% up to $500 for your first deposit. Additionally to that we offer you the popular Titan Poker Calculator worth $89.95 as a gift. As usual we advise you to take the time and read our detailed info about the Titan Poker Bonus so you can make up your own mind.

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