Have you ever wondered what it would be like to play poker while hovering 150 feet above Stockholm? If your answer is 'yes' you are on the one hand a very interesting and strange person indeed (with a lot of fantasy) but on the other hand you have found the ideal online poker room with BestPoker. They offer you the opportunity to qualify for this extravagant poker experience and be one of the 10 players competing for the main prize, a stunning Kawasaki ER-6N.

BestPoker - Poker in the Sky
Poker in the Sky

This extraordinary event takes place on the 13th of May in Sweden's lovely capital (well, actually not so much 'in' as 'above'). BestPoker offers you several different ways to qualify for this Poker In The Sky. You may opt to participate in a so-called Extreme Satellite with a buy-in of just $3+0.30 where you can qualify for the weekly final. The winner of said weekly final will receive $100 and a seat for the monthly final that will see you play for a ticket for the main event.

You will also be able to qualify for this spectacular event simply by playing your usual games at BestPoker. You won't even need to register for the event beforehand as every BestPoker player participates automatically. And if you are a new player that means that not only will you be able to clear your BestPoker bonus due to high activity (make sure to check out our special BestPoker Bonus Offers in detail in order to make most of your money) but at the same time you will gather points in the race to qualify for the poker event above Stockholm's roofs.

The main question now is: Are you scared of heights? If you aren't there is no excuse not to give it a try and maybe drive home on your new Kawasaki ER-6N. You can click one of our links above to find out more details about BestPoker and our special Max Poker Bonus deals that we can offer or you can go directly to BestPoker.

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