PokerKings has a new Bad Beat Jackpot!

You know the concept of the Bad Beat Jackpot, right? It's a bonus that a poker site offers to players who bust out while holding a killer hand. Typically it's a high four-of-a-kind, but the minimum qualifying hand varies from site to site as does the amount of the jackpot and its rate of increase.

So while the gist is the same - lose a hand with great cards and get a consolation prize that's bigger than the pot you would have won anyway - the details are what differentiate the Bad Beat Jackpot of one site against another.

The details on the PokerKings Bad Beat Jackpot are such:

  • To qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot you must lose a hand with at least four 6's or better. (Compare this with other sites' Bad Beat Jackpots that require a minimum qualifying hand of four 8's or four Q's or K's or better.)
  • The PokerKings Bad Beat Jackpot increases by 50 cents per raked hand dealt out on all Bad Beat Tables at the site. You must be playing at a PokerKings table that is specifically marked as a Bad Beat Table in order for a qualifying hand to be eligible for the jackpot.

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When hit, the PokerKings Bad Beat Jackpot is paid out as follows: 10% of it goes to administrative fees and 20% of it goes to starting out the next Bad Beat Jackpot.

The other 70% of the jackpot is divided amongst the players in the qualifying hand, according to the following breakdown: the player who won the hand wins 25% of the figure, the player with the Bad Beat hand triggering the jackpot wins 50% of the figure, and the remaining 25% is divided evenly amongst the players participating in the hand.

You are considered to have participated in the hand as long as you were dealt cards, even if you sat out or folded out.

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