We are happy to inform you of our new poker bonus at Titan Poker. After some talks with our partners at Titan Poker we are now able to present you with an improved 150% bonus up to $500! This new Best Poker Bonuses deal enables you to gain three times the bonus that you would by signing up for the regular Titan Poker bonus (50% to $200).

Up until now we were able to offer a 100% poker bonus which already was a remarkable improvement over the regular bonus but we were not satisfied yet. Our name obligates us to strive for the best online poker bonuses for you at all times. We hope that you will make use of our new special offer while it lasts. We are of course continuously working on improving our existing poker bonus offers in order to always supply you with the best deals available.

You may choose to go directly to Titan Poker in order to take advantage of the 150% bonus or you may decide to go to our Titan Poker bonus page first to check out all the details. It really is one of the most customer-friendly offers in online poker: with the introduction of Club Titan it has become easier for dedicated new poker players to gather points. Furthermore you have 3 months for clearing your poker bonus and will get paid in increments of $5. It can hardly be any fairer and easier to clear a bonus.

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Titan Poker has proved time and time again that they value their players. Excellent support as well as great offers and many extras supplement a neatly arranged and beautifully designed software. They really do care about customer service and are certainly a poker room that will make you feel welcome.