Titan Poker invites you to participate in their Million Dollar Race - a race that will last from mid January until the end of April and that will reward Titan Poker players for their activity. In the course of the race dedicated poker players will receive cash prizes in a total of a million dollars. This spectacle celebrates the opening of Club Titan, a new programme aimed to reward loyal players more than ever before.

Club Titan is the new Titan Poker VIP programme that offers many rewards to new players as well as those who consider themselves to be professionals (and anyone between). Poker players will be able to earn up to several thousands of dollars each month depending on their activity level (Titan Poker even mentions tens of thousands of dollars - however you will probably have to be as close to being a pro as possible in order to achieve that). But for "normal" players like us even a mere $100 extra each month are very tempting.

The principle of Club Titan is simple: Titan Poker wants to give you as many incentives as possible in order to have you return to the tables as much as possible. In return they will award you with additional prizes and Titan Points (that can be turned into real money amongst other things). You will simply gather these points by playing your games. And the great thing: If you stay active and earn 1.000 points or more per month you will get additional points in the so called Loyalty Points Bonus. Effectively you will receive a certain percentage of points added to the points that you actually earned.

While there are still various different VIP levels you will earn the same amount of points regardless of your current level, which will be especially appealing to new Titan Poker players. They simply made it easier to gather points when still at lower VIP levels thus enabling you to level up faster. With each VIP level you will be able to profit from various extras and special offers. Titan Points will be awarded to all the participating players on a table as soon as there is a rake of at least $0.04. Of course you will also receive points for tournament fees. These points can be used in the shop or as buy-in for tournaments - you can also opt to cash the points in. It is up to you.

Our Max Poker Bonus tip: Check the table for cash rewards in order to see how many points will give you which reward and consider saving your points instead of turning them into cash as soon as possible. You will find out that for example cashing in 80.000 points will net you more money than cashing in 20.000 four times.

Update: Max Poker Bonus just closed an enhanced poker bonus deal with our partners at Titan Poker that allows us to offer you an even better bonus than before. As of now our bonus offer is an incredible 150% up to $500! Take full advantage of that special Titan Poker bonus while it lasts!

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