It is hard to imagine an online poker player who hasn't heard or played at Titan Poker by now. Titan Poker has been Europe's leading online poker room for quite some time now and to be honest: It doesn't look like this is going to change any time soon.

Titan Poker New House Style
The New Titan Poker Logo

Titan Poker doesn't like to rest on prior achievements and today, March 10th, announced a new version of their online poker software together with a complete overhaul of their presentation, even including their long time logo! As a designer my heart jumped with joy when I heard they finally got rid of their old logo and replaced it with a somewhat more modern and slick logo... but I realise that most of you couldn't care less about that aspect. It is just a pet peeve of mine. And I apologise for digressing.

Back to the more important changes: The new Titan Poker software, version 9.6, offers an array of new options, features and functionalities including a new game, RAZZ, a variation of Stud poker. But not only PC users - who can install the client - will benefit. Mac Users (and those PC users who simply prefer not to install some software on their machines) can take advantage of an updated and improved Flash version.

Titan Poker also streamlined their new website (and did I mention the new logo?) while adding five new languages to it and their software. For you personally the addition of Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese and Romanian might not seem that important (let's face it, you are reading an English blog) but it means that a lot of new potential players are being targeted by Titan Poker. More players equal more traffic, more traffic equals more and better promotions and tournaments, and all that equals more money to be won.

Additionally Titan Poker developed the so called Titan Poker Academy. The Titan Poker Academy is a poker strategy guide that is aimed at both beginner and veteran poker players. You can learn a lot about poker odds calculations, money management, positioning, bluffing and more. For these purposes you may also want to check out our very own blog in the poker strategies section.

If all that doesn't excite you, we don't know what will. Wait, maybe the Titan Poker World Challenge 2010, where you can earn your $13,000 prize package for the 2010 WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas? Or the guaranteed $16,000,000 in monthly prizes on Titan Poker? The Sit & Go Jackpots of up to $100,000?

Or maybe our special Titan Poker Bonus of 150% (instead of the regular 100%) up to $500 - oh, and the fact that we offer the popular Titan Poker Calculator for free?

Well, pick your perfect reason. If you are an existing Titan Poker member simply update your client and get playing. And if you indeed still haven't signed up at Titan Poker yet, make sure to use our special offer.

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