BestPoker currently offers a great reload bonus to their existing players and prove that they are an online poker room that cares about their loyal customers by making this a very good offer indeed. While the excellent BestPoker bonus for first depositors is a lump sum deal their reload bonus is actually an incremental one. And why is the reload bonus called 8x Reload Bonus you wonder? Because you will only need to earn 8 Playerpoints per $ of bonus.

For those of you already familiar with BestPoker you know that their first deposit bonus comes in several flavours and so does their reload bonus. You can choose between a reload bonus of 200% up to $100, 300% up to $300 or 300% up to $600. Why would you settle for anything less than the 300% up to $600 offer? Because the steps to clear the bonus will grow with the amount of bonus.

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While you will be able to clear the 200% up to $100 bonus in steps of $10 (80 Playerpoints) you will have to clear the next higher bonus offers in steps of $50 (400 Playerpoints) and $100 (800 Playerpoints) respectively. If you have already played for some time on BestPoker you should be able to estimate pretty well how many points you will be able to earn in the 45 days that you will have to clear the reload bonus. In case of the 300% up to $600 bonus offer you will have an additional 15 days, so all in all 60 days. But even if you fall short of clearing the whole deal you need not worry - that is the beauty of incremental bonus offers.

In order to qualify for the according reload bonus, simply enter bpreload100, bpreload300 or bpreload600 when you make your next deposit. Keep in mind, this is not a first deposit bonus but a current promotion by BestPoker to reward their loyal players on their next deposit.

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BestPoker offers some of the highest poker bonus that you can get for a first deposit and allows you to pick your favourite claim bonus (up to $2,000). The option to play in a browser allows you to play on any computer right away regardless of the operation system. Of course you can make use of the Windows based downloadable client.