Jamie Gold
Jamie Gold

Since Aced Poker managed to sign Jamie Gold he has probably become one of the most hunted online players thanks to the extra VIP Points that you can earn in Aced's Outs promotion. If for example you manage to beat Jamie in a heads up SNG you will receive an amazing 1,000 VIP Points as a bonus. But not only that, Aced also offers you a special opportunity to earn points as well as cash for knocking Jamie out of a tournament.

Each and every Sunday night Jamie Gold invites you to play him in a $1,500 guaranteed tournament for a buy-in of $30+3. As any poker player will tell you it feels great knocking people out of a tournament and taking their chips doing so. Well, knocking out a poker pro such as Jamie Gold is especially rewarding, both for your ego as well as your bank account. You will not only receive a sense of satisfaction but also a $500 bounty that is on Jamie's head. And of course 500 extra VIP Points for knocking him out of a MTT thanks to the Outs promotion.

Together with some of the other Tournament Outs you can find yourself earning a lot of additional VIP Points which in turn will help you advance in VIP levels and either clear your Aced Poker Bonus, use your points as buy-in for tournaments or to cash them in.

And for Windows Vista users the chances to beat Jamie Gold outside of the regularly scheduled tournament on Sunday night have recently increased considerably. No, there is no advantage for you when playing him but with Windows Vista you can now install a widget in your sidebar that will inform you when Jamie is online without having to have the Aced Poker client running. You will also receive information on upcoming tournaments, the Bad Beat Jackpot and much more. It may be just a small feature but it is the sum of those little details that help enhance the playing experience at Aced Poker.

Since its recent introduction it has seen a lot of interest from players - especially from those wanting to earn more VIP Points by making Jamie's online poker life miserable.

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