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While the industry has been quick to point out that April is traditional a slow month when it comes to online poker, the figures for many of the top New Jersey poker sites will be startling and alarming. No one likes to see player numbers falling or money coming in dropping, regardless of the justification for it. Even though a great number of the players that would normally play online in New Jersey were battling it out at the WPT events in the Borgata, there was still a worrying trend for the poker sites, even if the online casinos seemed to get through April in good fashion.

The Borgata remains a big deal in the New Jersey gaming market and with 53% of the market share; you can see that they expect to be doing better than most of their operators. They managed to bring in more than $1.3m in poker and $1.1m in casino revenues, resulting in total revenue for the month of $4.1m. This is still a good return for a single month but given that this was a fall from a level of $4.3m in March, it is clearly a cause for concern. Then again, April is a shorter month and there was a lot going on so it won’t be as if Borgata are worrying too much about the online poker for real money demand falling away any time soon.

Caesars managed to bring in a total of $3m revenue for the month, a fall of more than $700,000. The biggest reason that Caesars is not performing to the level that it should is being firmly laid at the feet of the 888 poker element. The fact that the site changed its rakeback promotion saw a lot of people unhappy with what is on offer so it is not as though things are going to significantly improve in the near future for Caesars unless they make changes to this part of their firm. With the firm having a market share of 44% in New Jersey, this is still a big firm with a heavy presence and they’ll be looking to ensure they perform better, even if the summer months will be a hindrance.

While things are disappointing for Caesars and Borgata, Trump Taj Mahal is having a disaster. The UltimatePoker site is nosediving drastically and with the chief marketing officer having resigned from his point, there is a considerable lack of accountability from the firm. The market share that the firm held is being taken away sharply by Caesars and Borgata.

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