Kenny Rogers
Kenny Rogers

Although quick poker games are of great interest to many poker players, there is something to be sai for enjoying a poker tournament. Thinking about the current hand is important but if you only think about this hand, you will not go far in a poker tournament. There is a need to think of the big picture, which means that you not only have to think about the hand you are currently playing, you need to think about all of the hands you will play later on in the tournament.

A large part of success in tournament play is down to bankroll management. As the lyrics of The Gambler by Kenny Rogers points out, “You got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run.” These lyrics are a universal true and they ring as true for many people in real life as they do at the poker table. Their guidance for poker player should never be overlooked though and when you are engaging in poker tournament player, it is sometimes best to fold your hand and walk away from a particular game to ensure that you retain the bankroll and chip count to fight for success at a later time.

Good tournament players understand the time to go in for the jugular and they know when it is best to stand down. This is the sort of thing that comes naturally to a limited number of poker players but it can be developed. The more poker tournaments you engage in, taking the time to watch your opponents and consider their tactics, the better your will become at developing a strategy for poker play. When it comes to UK poker sites, or even US casino sites, there is no excuse for not enjoying tournament play because there are more than enough tournaments to choose from.

Sunday Tournaments

The big day of poker tournament play for poker players is Sunday. This is the traditional day of rest but for poker players, it is the day of play. This is where the big money and high pressure games unfold. You may not be a big fan of Monday mornings but if you can start a Monday with a considerable amount of money heading your way thanks to a major success at online poker, you’ll find that the Monday blues don’t bite too hard.

There are usually poker tournaments and events taking place every day on a poker site. Many of these games will be satellite events, providing you with more affordable entry and access to the big tournaments at the end of the week. If you play your cards right, there is never a need to spend a lot of money to gain access to high stakes poker tournaments on the different poker sites.

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