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Poker players can be a funny bunch. Every poker player says they want to improve, but then many don't even make use of tools that are put right in front of the,

For example, bet365 Poker offers players a handy set of tools built right into the software called PokerPal. If we had to guess, however, we would bet that fewer than one quarter of all players at bet365 have ever even tried PokerPal.

Should you fall into the camp of players who have yet to make the most of the powerful tool bet365 has put at your disposal, here's a fast guide to the basic features of PokerPal at bet365 Poker.

No. PokerPal is completely free. Since you will be earning your bet365 bonus while playing at the tables - and probably playing better thanks to PokerPal - you could even say that bet365 basically pays you to use PokerPal.

The heart of PokerPal at bet365 is the built-in poker calculator. You can use this tool to get useful information about the strength of your hole cards, the quality of your hand at any point during the deal, a snapshot regarding your outs and potential for your hand to improve and several indicators that help you to gauge whether or not you should continue with a given hand.

On top of all of that information is a powerful set of tips and advice that you can take advantage of while you're playing poker at bet365, all presented in simple language that players of any level can understand and utilize.

Outside of the poker calculator are a number of useful tools for poker players. A few highlights:

  • You vs Best: While PokerPal won't tell you what your opponent is holding, it will help you to train yourself to quickly recognize the best possible hands you could be facing in a particular situation.
  • Pot Odds: It can take a bit to master the math of pot odds, but using PokerPal's pot odds feature is one way to hurry up the process of internalizing the basics of pot odds.
  • Game Info: This is an especially useful feature when you first start playing multiple tables and find that you can use a bit of help telling one table from the next.

Will PokerPal turn you into the next Tom Dwan? Probably not, but as far as free tools built to help improve your overall game go, PokerPal does pretty well - and so will you after you put the software to its fullest use.

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