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One of the key areas of poker play that excites players has to be tournaments. This is where every player wants to compete because it gives them a chance to take on the best around them and see where they rank against other players. The prize at the end of a poker tournament is always going to be a good incentive for players to take part but taking on other people and overcoming their challenge is a huge part of what makes poker great. You have to remember in poker, not only are you playing the cards you have been dealt; you are playing your opponent too. A great poker player with a poor hand can overcome an average poker player with a great hand and this is one of the reasons why so many people love the game.

Merge Gaming understands this and this is why the network provides so many different forms of tournaments to its players. Bounty tournaments are a great example of innovation from the traditional poker tournament. These bounty games allow players to hunt down a specific rival allowing them to win a cash prize or perhaps win bonus points. As these bonus points can later be transferred to money or to boost the bankroll, they are usually well worth playing for.

Another great Merge Gaming innovation, which helps to make the Merge Poker Network (visit site) so popular is the Shootout tournament. As the name suggests, the game carries on until there is just one person standing. This is a refreshing change from standard table play which sees players moved from one table to another to keep the numbers as equal as possible. In this scenario, it genuinely is a fight to the finish as each poker player battles to stay alive and in the tournament. The elation and pride felt by the last person standing is the equal of any reasonable amount of cash prize and is a great reason why so many poker players get involved in tournament games.

Of course, not everyone is interested in the cut-throat nature of the poker tournament with Sit N Go games being more their style. Thankfully the Merge Gaming Network provides all manner of poker playing opportunities and it is possible for a player to find the poker experience that they enjoy the best. There is a lot of assistance for new poker players with the rules of the game and helpful tips being provided by all of the Merge sites. Even though some players have been playing poker for as long as they can remember, there have been many new poker players in recent years and it is good that everyone is catered for across the array of poker sites.

No matter what type of poker game gets you in the mood for fun, you will find that the Merge Poker Network has everything you could ever want and probably a lot more besides. This is why you should take some time and explore the different poker options that are available. Among sites on the Merge Gaming Network is Aced, one of the sites promoted on

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