In the wake of the revocation of the Full Tilt Poker eGambling license by the Alderney Gaming Control Coalition (AGCC) on June 29th, many other poker sites are doing everything they can to rescue lost players from the wreckage of the former poker giant. While many players remained faithful to Full Tilt Poker in the hopes that the site would soon resolve its legal disagreement with the United States Department of Justice, very few FTP customers are still clinging to the wreckage now that the AGCC has banged the gavel and given their damning verdict.

PokerStars has released an official statement that attempted to create as much distinction as possible between FTP's dire straits and their own, and the site has assured customers that they will get their money back and everything will be back to normal as soon as this unfortunate business with the US Justice Department is sorted out. While PokerStars is in a better position than Full Tilt, their official statement was clearly intended to placate not only their own customers, but those of the rival site, who were now looking for another large, well-established site rife with competition.

888 Poker

888 Poker is currently running their “Big Deal,” an aptly-named series of offers that all adds up to some pretty serious incentives to join their site. Not only is 888 Poker getting a lot of attention because they offer members the chance at winning a WSOP seat through a tournament with only a 99 cent entry fee, but they're making waves for their other offers, which include a $100 shopping coupon for female players who play 100 hands per day on the new PokerCam tables (an offer clearly targeted at bringing more eye-candy to male-dominated tables, which makes the incentive a little on the sketchy and sexist side), a $5 bonus to anyone who earns at least 20 status points during Happy Hours, a free seat in the Big Deal freeroll tourney if you play four days in a week, and the chance to win an iPad2 or iPod Nano 16 GB from topping up your account with at least $10.

Titan Poker

Titan Poker has gone above and beyond trying to attract the survivors of the Full Tilt Poker disaster, offering promotional offers so extreme that everyone will find them hard to resist. They've upped their sign-up offer to 200% match on up to $2,000, a huge amount when the industry standard is a 100% match on around $500. They've also offered more tournaments across the site and special private tournaments where entry is determined by league or country, as well as a 300% match on up to $600 of reload through July 3rd. If that's not enough of an incentive, feel free to contact their support with your suggestions-- Titan Poker has made it very clear that they're willing to do whatever it takes to win your business (including offering a Porsche Carrera to a poker affiliate at the end of July)!

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