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Starting September 1 at Titan Poker, players can win even more money for their hard-earned Titan Poker Points, no matter what their VIP status level. Both the cash out rate for Titan Poker Points and the minimum number of points required to cash out have been changed, the cash out rate going up and the minimum points level going down.

As long as you're at least a Silver level player, you only need to earn 1,000 points before you can start redeeming them for cash. One-thousand Titan Poker Points will get you $5, which amounts to a 200 Point per $1 transfer rate. Ordinarily the minimum number of points required to trade in Titan Poker Points for cash is 2,000 points.

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As soon as you jump to 2,000 points, your transfer rate improves to 167 points per $1, for a $12 bonus, and it gets better from there, leading up to rate of $1 for every 71 Titan Poker Points traded in at 300,000 points. Ordinarily to get a 71 points per $1 transfer rate you'd need to earn 1 million points at Titan Poker first.

So that's a jump from 200 points per $1 all the way to 71 points per $1. That's almost a 2/3 boost in Titan Poker Points cash out rate.

At 6,500 points, the rate difference will give you an extra $5 during the Big Cash Out promotion at Titan Poker. At 20,000 points that will give you an extra $15. At 80,000 points that will give you an extra $50. At 160,000 points that will give you an extra $100.

What's more, even though the promotional dates for earning bonus cash for points earned at Titan Poker is September 1 through 30, players actually have all the way until October 10 to cash out, or redeem those points.

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