After long and very productive talks that mainly took place already at the CAP Barcelona we were able to seal an exclusive deal for Max Poker Bonus with our partners at BestPoker. The bonus offered by BestPoker is definitely one of the highest first deposit bonuses in the online poker industry - additionally to that they offer various different bonuses which enables you to choose the one fitting you best. Their bonus offers are all lump sum offers (you will have to clear the whole amount) and can reach an astounding 500% of your first deposit (up to a bonus of $1.200).

If you want to go for the already mentioned 500% bonus you need to collect 11 Player Points per $ - unless you sign up through Max Poker Bonus. If you use one of our links or codes you will be able to clear the bonus by collecting only 8 points per $ which means you will be able to clear your poker bonus with over 27% less Player Points! That is a big boost when it comes to clearing the bonus in time and makes the bonus much more attractive. The BestPoker 8 points deal for Max Poker Bonus players is available for all of our offered bonus variants.

Take advantage of our offer while it lasts - we currently have no deadline for it but it would be a shame if this great and exclusive deal should run out as some point and you missed the chance. We have worked on the details of this deal with our existing players and are very grateful to our business partners at BestPoker who were very supportive. Now we hope that this special poker bonus will appeal to our visitors as much as we believe it should.

Of course we are in constant negotiations with all our partners in order to make sure to continuously offer you such special deals as this one!

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BestPoker Bonus Featured Online Poker Room - BestPoker

BestPoker offers some of the highest poker bonus that you can get for a first deposit and allows you to pick your favourite claim bonus (up to $2,000). The option to play in a browser allows you to play on any computer right away regardless of the operation system. Of course you can make use of the Windows based downloadable client.