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Some of you might remember the great reload bonus offer by BestPoker back in April which we brought to your attention (8x Reload Bonus). Back at that time this went hand in hand with the plan of introducing a new and more modern BestPoker bonus. Now that this new poker bonus has been introduced for some time the responsible people at BestPoker obviously thought that they don't actually need a specific reason for another reload bonus just like the last one other than trying to keep their dedicated players happy.

So here we are, it's August and we are happy to announce yet another 8x reload bonus offer by BestPoker. Don't let the 8x confuse you though, you won't receive an 800% bonus, the 8x simply stands for the fact that you will only need 8 Player Points per bonus $ - a novelty at the time as you needed up to 11 points prior to the new poker bonus. However you will be able to select which reload offer you prefer and claim it with a minimum deposit if you wish - very uncommon for a reload bonus. Just like in April you can choose between various bonus offers (which by the way are all incremental):

  • $100 (10x$10, 45 days) - bonus code: bpreload100
  • $300 (6x$50, 45 days) - bonus code: bpreload300
  • $600 (6x$100, 60 days) - bonus code: bpreload600

Attention: This particular reload bonus offer is restricted to certain players who have been inactive for 2 weeks. Please make sure to contact BestPoker before using the reload codes to make sure you qualify for that offer!

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We would like to remind you once more that these reload bonus offers are incremental (just like all the new BestPoker bonus offers for first depositors) and require a mere 8 Player Points per bonus $ to be cleared. You can read here about the BestPoker bonus offers for much more detailed info on how to clear it.

If you are an existing player at BestPoker make sure to take advantage of this reload bonus promotion while it lasts. And if you are not a BestPoker player yet, take the time to read our review and the details about their bonus offers to help you make up your mind whether this is the right poker room for you.

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