For all those Sit'n'Go players amongst you who have not checked out BestPoker yet we would like to point your attention to a promotion called King of the Hill. This special tournament is aimed at SnG players and offers a unique structure that allows you to win money while advancing further and earning your tickets to the King of the Hill Final where the winner gets $2,500.

You can climb your way to the top by entering one of the 3 types of qualifiers - you can either choose to take part in Feeder 1 where you compete in a 20 seat SnG for a buy-in of $1+0.20 with the top 2 players advancing to the next round or Feeder 2 which is a 10 seat SnG for a buy-in of $3+0.40 which sees the top 3 players advance. While Feeder 3 has a higher buy-in of $20+5 you will be able to enter the structure directly at the last step prior to the Final if you finish first or second of the 10 players. If you come up third you will win another $20+5 ticket for the tournament.

King of the Hill and poker bonus at BestPoker
King of the Hill at BestPoker

There are 3 Steps leading up to the grand King of the Hill Final and in each of these 10 seat SnG tournaments you will not only be able to qualify for the next level but also win cash. So even if you should not make it to the top you will be able to win money by competing in this BestPoker promotion. Let's take a look at an example:

You decide to go with Feeder 2 and pay $3+0.40 as buy-in. You finish anywhere in the top 3 of 10 players and advance to Step 1 where you finish 1st, earning you $10 and a token for Step 2. Basically you already have a profit of $6.60. Now you come in 2nd at this level of the tournament, which earns you the token to the final Step 3 together with another $25. Even if you don't manage to end that step of the tourney in the top 3 (which you will have to at any step in order to advance) you will have won $31.60 on the way.

So you can see that while we all strive to be the King of the Hill and take home $2,500 (plus all the winnings on the way up there) you don't need to win the Final (also keep in mind the second place receives $650 and the third $350) or even advance to it in order to win some money.

If you do not have a poker account with BestPoker yet we would like to point out our special deal that not only gives you more time to clear the poker bonus if you sign up through us but also ensures that you need considerably fewer points in order to clear it. You will find all the details at our BestPoker Bonus information. As usual we as you to take your time and make sure to choose the poker bonus fitting your playing style best as all the different offers are lump sum deals which means you will have to clear the whole bonus in time or end up losing it.

Also for all players still fairly new to poker we strongly recommend to check out our beginner's SnG strategy guide, starting with the Sit&Go Preparation up to the Sit&Go - Flop or Drop blog post. You may also want to read up on our Satellite Strategy as this tournament combines both SnG and satellites.

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