Everest Poker offers you an incredible promotion, the $10,000 Everest Poker Player Bonus Round 2 - and yes, you guessed right, round 2 implicates that this isn't the first time. This promotion has been offered for the first time in early March and due to the huge success now sees a revival.

What is it all about? Well, it is not a first deposit poker bonus, every player new or existing can make use of this bonus promotion. By entering the code MIDNIGHT2 you will participate. Participate in what exactly? Here we go:

Today, Friday, March 27, you will be able to use the Summit Points earned while playing (check our detailed Everest Poker Bonus info on how to earn Summit Points) in order to clear up to $10,000 (no extra deposit necessary). These $10,000 will for this purpose be handled like an incremental poker bonus. You will be able to clear the money in increments of $5 for 14.28 Summit points per $.

In other words, for every 71.40 Summit Points earned your poker account will be credited with $5 - up to a maximum total of $10,000. So, how much time do you have to make the most of this offer that sounds too good to be true? Ah, this is where the code you have to enter might give you a first hint: you will have until midnight today! This is a short term promotional offer from Everest Poker to reward their dedicated players as well as attract new players. As mentioned before, it is not the first and surely will not be the last.

While it may seem that this time span is not long enough to clear anywhere near the mentioned $10,000, do keep in mind that it is an incremental bonus so even if you only clear $300 until midnight you will keep them. While some high limit players may be able to clear most of the maximum amount (and some actually all of it) we strongly advise you not to change the limits you usually play at just to earn more Summit Points and clear more money. Always keep your bankroll management in the back of your head and play as you usually would.

This is just one of the many actions taken by Everest Poker to provide their players with more incentives to stay active. If you are not a player at Everest Poker yet, make sure to make use of our Everest Poker Bonus offers - and keep in mind, even if you read this too late to participate in this promotion, Everest Poker is surely not scared to have a few more rounds of their $10,000 Everest Poker Player Bonus promotion.

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  • Wow, I really didn't expect Everest to do this promo again and only after such a short time!

    Thanks for the info guys (and yes, thanks for the RSS feed, that actually made me aware of it when I woke up this morning - so far I haven't received info from any other site including Everest themselves strangely enough). I have been going at it from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. and was at $185 by then. :)

    I will get back at it now - let's see how much I can get cleared today. Would be interesting to hear from other Everest players to find out how much they were able to clear.

    Good luck to everyone competing in the promotion! :)

    Comment #1Sam U.L., Friday March 27th 2009, 14:37

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