BestPoker Replay is a service offered by the folks at BestPoker that allows players to review in a pause-able video snapshot format some of the best hands ever to be played at BestPoker tables, uploaded and ranked for and by the players.

With this innovative new feature, BestPoker promises to make available to its players the best poker hands online. Look up any hand by ID number and you'll see a video playback of the entire hand, action by action. You'll see the hand exactly as the players present saw it when it happened, from the bird's eye view of the BestPoker table, with each player's name, position, chip stack, bets, etc. all shown. You'll see the conversations that took place at the same time in the chat box. You can read the comments that viewers like yourself left after replaying the hand. And you can pause the hand for more careful study and resume playback as often as you like.

Then BestPoker lets you rate the hand yourself on a scale of one to five poker chips; one being the lowest rating, five being the highest of course. You'll also see the collective average ranking for the hands you view.

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Players can view the top ranked hands in a variety of categories: Top Viewed, Highest Pots, and Best Rated.

You can even upload hands to the BestPoker Replay Feature that you think are worthy of sharing and likely to rank high. When hands are replayed, the username of the player posting the hand and the date they posted it are shown.

At BestPoker Replay, you'll also see a regularly updated, linkable listing of the Latest Poker Hands to be ranked (and their rankings).

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