Aced Poker has become one of the latest fads in online poker. They haven't been around as long as their competitors, but they certainly seem to have found what drives poker players. Aced Poker offers some of the best poker bonuses that you can find on the web, along with an easy to download and secure poker room, which includes a variety of poker games.

After you take a look at some of the promotions Aced Poker has to offer, there's a big chance that you will give them a try, and who knows it might even turn out to become your favourite online poker room.

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Initially, Aced Poker will take care of you with their first deposit bonus. Just make a deposit of $20 minimum and Aced Poker will offer you a 100% up to $500 bonus! Once your bonus is issued, you will see it released in increments of $5 according to your VIP points. Remember, you only have one first deposit bonus.

The Aced Poker bonus offer certainly is a great way to acquire some extra free money while playing poker.

Aced Poker also offers a reload bonus, one that gives players the opportunity to acquire up to 100% of a $200 deposit. This one has similar requirements as their first deposit bonus, hence the more VIP points you'll earn, the more free bonus money you will acquire.

Both of these bonuses have a 60 days . In our opinion, this is a great deal for everybody who love online poker!

Hitting four Aces hardly evere happens, but when it happens to you during any ring game, you will be rewarded by Aced Poker with a bonus of 40 times the big blind. WOW! Without a doubt, this promotion will make your hard pump once you hit a set Aces on the flop.

Royal Flush
Royal Flush Bonus

Ever had a Royal Flush? Imagine you would have received the following reward with Aced Poker's Royal Flush Bonus. They currently reward everybody who gets a Royal Flush with a bonus of 100 times the big blind. Despite a Royal Flush is very rare (the odds are only 649,740:1 ), you could win a real nice chunk of money at Aced Poker when luck strikes.

Last but not least, the MTT Leader Board at Aced Poker offers all tournament players a nice incentive for moving up the ladder. Their leader board rewards the top 100 places into a freeroll tournament full of wonderful cash prizes.

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Aced Poker may be the youngest of the poker rooms that we are presenting on our site but they already are up to par with any of the established online poker rooms. Several special programmes and promotions, a very good poker bonus, a dynamic and innovative team and a rapidly growing amount of players guarantee you a great poker experience.