From Paris with Love

Are you a player at Titan Poker and after recently viewing the new John Travolta movie "From Paris with Love", said, "Wasn't that my poker room?" If so, the answer is YES!

Titan Poker was recently on the big screen for the movie. The movie was written by Luc Besson and was about a CIA who seeks his big break as becoming a mega agent and getting involved with some major action.

The character is played by John Travolta. In the movie, Titan Poker is the location of the characters playing an online poker game. This is the first time Titan Poker has been involved with a Hollywood movie.

Titan Poker is a safe and secure location to play all your favorite card games. They offer several tournaments a day including weekly big time tournaments. Titan Poker is sponsoring an event in Barcelona during mid March that features a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool.

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Jan Bjoersland Titan Poker

Some of the top poker players in the country play at Titan Poker, including Fabien Carliez, Jan Bjoersland and Jose Manuel Gomez Rebenaque.

Titan Poker has been a leader in online gaming since for years. They offer a quick download to benefit those players that are ready to play instantly.

One aspect that Titan Poker brings to the table, which many of the other poker places do not is: they offer advice and "how to" on all their wonderful card games. It is always nice for those that are just getting started within poker rooms a little re-fresher course on how to play. Be sure to check out all the games, including the fantastic looking lobby.

Join the gamers at Titan Poker today. Anytime an online poker room gets their big break within the Hollywood realm, they continue to boom from there. Don't miss the opportunity to get involved with many of Titan Poker's wonderful features, including the Titan Poker deposit bonus of 150% up to $500.

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