Apologies for the title of our blog but currently we are looking out of our windows and waiting for the flying pigs. BestPoker offered us a wonderful Bonus Deal on top of our already existing exclusive bonus deal from October. And it has reached a point where we feel that any serious poker player simply cannot pass the offer.

As of December 2008 we can offer all Max Poker Bonus visitors an enhanced special bonus for BestPoker. Additionally to the already existing deal of needing only 8 Playerpoints instead of up to 11 per $ of bonus we are now proud and happy to provide you with an additional 15 days to clear the bonus, valid for our two most popular poker bonus offers!

What that means for you is that you will now be able to clear your poker bonus much more easily still. Here are the exclusive advantages for Max Poker Bonus players at BestPoker at a glance:

  • As of the end of October you will need only 8 Playerpoints per bonus $ instead of up to 11 for regular customers.
  • Since December 2008 you will now also be presented with a considerably longer time frame to clear the popular 100% up to $250 and 300% up to $600 poker bonus offers - you now will have an additional 15 days to clear these bonus offers as opposed to regular customers at BestPoker.

Let's take a closer look at it by using an example with BestPoker's bonus offer of 300% up to $600. So you decided to deposit $200 and received a $600 bonus that you now have to clear. If you signed up directly at BestPoker that means:

  • You will have to earn 10 Playerpoints per bonus $.
  • You have 45 days to clear the bonus.
  • Overall you'd need over 133 Playerpoints per day to clear the bonus.

If you signed up through Max Poker Bonus the situation is very different:

  • You will have to earn 8 Playerpoints per bonus $.
  • You have 60 days to clear the bonus.
  • Overall you will need 80 Playerpoints per day to clear your bonus.

When signing up through Max Poker Bonus you will need only 60% of the Playerpoints per day compared to a regular poker player.

To be honest we do not know how long BestPoker will keep this very special deal up for Max Poker Bonus visitors, there is no expiry date set yet. You should make sure not to be too late however, the deal is a handshake deal (with a very trusted partner) and there is no written contract with any dates set. It would be a shame to miss out on this deal as we are very, very confident that currently you will not be able to find a better one anywhere else - if you do make sure to let us know. Simply attach the message to one of the flying pigs that we are sure to see that day.

If you ever had your doubts about lump sum bonus deals this is probably the best opportunity that you will get to change your mind. The obvious disadvantage of lump sum deals is that you might end up empty handed if you are not able to clear the bonus completely - however this should definitely be no problem with the current exclusive Max Poker Bonus deal with BestPoker. Now most average players should be able to clear the bonus with no problem and if you are serious about playing poker this should be a breeze for you! For those of you new to the game but still wanting to give it a shot we strongly recommend reading up on odds and outs and our poker strategies and tips as well as using some of our very popular tools like the poker odds calculator and the M-calculator. If you stick to the basics and play concentrated and disciplined you will find that clearing the bonus will be very easy! Now let the pigs fly!

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